About Denise Fountain

I partner with moms to live courageously and fearlessly through the challenges that parenthood brings to their lives and relationships.  When children, work/life balance,  and relationships are all competing for your attention, I’ll help you discover what you really want…and together we’ll develop a plan to help you live the life you dream of.

My Background:

I am  passionate about helping women balance the many facets of their lives to create harmony and fulfillment.  Denise is a CPC (Certified Professional Coach), completing her certification studies at (iPEC) Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.  A graduate of Boston College, she was an Advertising Account Executive  for a fast-paced Fortune 500 company, balancing a full-time career while raising two young children.  Choosing to stay at home with her family and volunteer in the community brought the opportunity to teach and inspire young children.  Teaching preschool for the past thirteen years, she has empowered countless parents to move forward in their lives with direction and confidence.

I’d love to hear what’s on your mind!  Post a message, or email me privately at ddfountain@gmail.com.



  1. Nancy Ooms said,

    Denise, You inspire so many of us!!! My bucket list for the next 1 1/2 weeks before school starts is to finish cleaning closets and working on my October speech (I had invisioned it being done by now. )

    • Thank you, Nancy. How will you feel when these two goals are squared away before school starts? What are your favorite “must do” activities to look forward to every summer? Have a terrific school year!

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