August 15, 2011

It’s August, How’s Your Summer Bucket List?

Posted in Parenting tagged , , , , at 11:21 pm by Denise Fountain

beach cruisers

Beach Cruisers

     Just back from our annual visit to Cape Cod, I’ve got the same feeling I get every August.  Slowly, the evenings begin cooling off while the days remain hot.  Subtle signs that we’ll soon be heading into fall are starting to appear as I walk my black lab around the neighborhood.  Flowers are blooming wildly.  Vegetable gardens are bursting with the most delicious ripe tomatoes and zucchini.  Fresh basil and cilantro bolt overnight.  Summer is at its peak, working its magic on our gardens to finish the season with a glorious flourish.

            Are you beginning to worry about the pressures of fall, with back to school shopping, after school activities, daycare, juggling multiple priorities, and school routines?  The list gains momentum of its own, creating stress that takes away from enjoying the treasured moments of summer that remain.

How would it feel to finish off your summer with the same blaze of energy as Mother Nature?  Fall will be here soon enough, so take time to enjoy the remaining days of summer and cherish the fleeting season.  Give yourself the gift of today, and plan something fun!  Take that trip to the shore or the pool, enjoy a tasty ice cream treat with your children, ride your bike, do something spontaneous.  What are the experiences that created happy memories for you this summer?  What’s on your Summer Bucket List?



  1. Kathleen Giardelli said,

    I’m fortunate to be able to work from home. As part of my daily summer routine I sit outside every afternoon with my computer, Squeezing the outdoors into my day has helped me to really experience summer and make every day more enjoyable. And there’s still time to take advantage of the good weather!

  2. It was a great summer for us all. We enjoyed 3 out of town weddings. Vacationed in Costa Rica and it was the most amazing trip! Was able to cross off some things from my bucket list . . . we did zip lining, white water rafting, night hiked in the rainforest, hiked an active volcano, swam in natural hot springs, showered outdoors watching Capuchin monkeys 15 feet from me and watched my sons learn to surf. And best of all, my 2 college sons said they had the best time on vacation with us! It doesn’t get better than all that! Pura Vida!

  3. Cindy Chin said,

    We had a very quiet, low-key summer, but that meant we were not running around. We enjoyed not having a schedule — something I treasure since most of the year, school and kids stuff run me ragged!

    • Congratulations for recognizing that a laid-back summer is what you wanted. Juggling the busy schedules your children, while taking care of your own priorities can be exhausting. Savor those quieter moments, and remember them when the school year gets into full swing again. What special memory has made the biggest impact on you this summer? Happy summertime!

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